35 Rem new 336 vs old Mod 14

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by strut64, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. strut64

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    I am stuck on a decision to get a 35 Rem in either a new Marlin or an old timer in a Rem mod 14 pump. I love those old pumps but at this time they are all getting really OLD and parts are a reazl issue. how do you vote? Thanks for your input - Strut.
  2. wwb

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    I wouldn't be all that concerned about parts for the old pumps.... they were built like tanks. The old Model 8 autoloader in .35 Remington (or .32 or .30) would be a concern, though..... they were nowhere near as rugged.

  3. Drop-Shot

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    If I had a chance to get a Remington 14 I would get it and let it sit,I would hand it down to my children and their children.But with all that I love my 336 Marlin in 35 Rem.The velocity numbers on the old 30/30 and 35 rem arn't impressive but for those that have hunted with them alot have deep respect for both.I have seen impressive shots with the 35 rem.Drop-Shot