Youth rifle for an adult?

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by vashooter, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. vashooter

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    I really like the Remington Model 7 as a compact, fast handling deer rifle for woods hunting. But my problem is that they don't make it in a left hand version. Remington does however make a Model 700 SPS Youth rifle in left hand version in 7-08mm. It has a nice, short 20" barrel. I thought that this would substitute for the Model 7. The only difference size wise is that the SPS youth has a 12 5/8" length of pull vs. the sandard 13 5/8" LOP.
    While I've never handled a youth rifle, I'm not sure that the short LOP would be a negative if you want a compact rifle. Plus the SPS comes in a synthetic stock (which I like for a woods rifle) and is only about $500 - $550.
    What do you think - would you think that a youth rifle is just too small to be handled by an adult? I'm only 5'9" and average build.
  2. Drop-Shot

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    If the whole stock is shorter your grip in the forearm may be close to the end of the forearm.Also a spacer can be added to butt stock to make the LOP as long as you want.I have added a 1 inch black spacer for a friend and have heard of folks adding a couple of spacers to get the right length.They come in all sizes to make it just right.
    Cradle the rifle in the crease of your arm at oppesite of elbow,your shooting finger should fit in the trigger housing.
    If the forearm is long enough I wouldn't have a problem with it.I have heard of good things about the SPS.Drop-Shot

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    If it fits you and feels right, go for it. I'm stature challenged and I've thought about youth rifles for deer season and tree stands, particularly when I'm layered in clothes which add to the LOP.
  4. huntswithdogs

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    Even with a 7/08 you're gonna get a case of "scope-eye" using the youth stock. I'm 5'7'' and they're too short for me. If you can get a deal on it, you may look into an aftermarket stock.
    DS had the idea of a spacer that might work. It may not be the purdiest looking thing but you're looking for function first. A slip on recoil pad may work also.

  5. Fronty Owner

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    If you go with a shorter stock, I could look at a rail spacer to move the scope forward.
    I run my AR with a shortened LOP.
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    A short rifle is generally much easier to fire than one thats too long. I used to hunt with a Steyr rifle and kept the stock spacer out to give about 12 3/4" LOP. I'm 6'0" and never had an issue. In heavy clothes a short stock is a really good idea and it keeps the LOP about right.

    I've often thought a lot of factory rifles had a LOP thats just a bit too long for a lot of folks. Most military rifles are shorter than standard too.
  7. tnslim

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    I'm 6'2" and have a youth version 700 in 243 and have no problems. Really like this gun.
  8. j870sm

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    I agree with Huntswithdogs, watch for scope eye. I have shot my sons youth model 20ga and get a thumb in the nose every time.
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    I chimed in on a lefty thread here a while back and I too would give damn near anything for a modle 7 in left hand. Honnestly I would like the older version with the schaneble(sp) fore stock. They were a very pretty little rifle. I would prefer .308 but the 7mm-08 came in as a virtural tie, they are both about pefect for deer in my neck of the woods. That being said...

    I like the idea of the youth stock while bundled up in Michigan hunting clothes, but I have caught scope rash in the past and thats not fun. I was not aware that Big Green offered a 7mm-08 in left hand and I have just found this years stocking stuffer LOL. Not quite but I will have one as soon as I possably can and I will be putting a nice aftermarket walnut stock on it. I just cant get into that black composite stock with the rubber bumper inlays.

    In short its a kicken little rifle and for us southpaws they are few and far between from Remington. I say buy it either put a bigger recoil pad on it or re stock it to your liking, I know I will.

  10. deakc

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    Re: re: Youth rifle for an adult?

    It has already been improved and will keep improving year on year. :roll:
  11. thumbuster

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    Years ago I bought my little Mannlicher-Schoenaur in a pawn shop. Someone had cut the stock to remove the steel butt plate and affixed a padded but pad. It was pretty short and I think the guy set it up for his wife or a kid. The gun had been hunted with because it was pretty banged up, but an MS for $400 is just too good to pass up.

    I had a smith put on a Packmeyer pad that is about an inch thick, and while still a bit short it works fine. When I mount that little 30-06 my nose is pretty darn close to the end of the bolt, but I've yet to hit my snozolla. Using it is about like using one of those new Scout rifles, which are handly little pieces. I like them better than one of those popular cannons that we see so often today. I also like shooting through iron, or peep sights. Too many years shooting the M-14 and AR I guess.