Russia asserting ownership of AK-47 design

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    MOSCOW, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- Russia plans to crack down on manufacturers who sell copies of its famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, also known as the AK-47.

    About 100 million AK-47s are believed to be in use around the world but many of them are unlicensed copies, Novosti reported. Bulgaria, a former member of the Soviet bloc, is a major offender, continuing to manufacture its version of the rifle long after its license has expired.

    The Kalashnikov, one of the world's most popular military weapons, is named after Mikhail Kalashnikov, who designed it in 1947. Kalashnikov won many honors under the Soviet Union and the Russian governments but made no money from the weapon, although he has recently capitalized on his name by selling a brand of vodka.

    Alexander Alexeyev, Russia's ambassador at large, said that negotiations are underway with the Arsenal Company in Bulgaria. Russia is also trying to negotiate agreements with Britain and the United States.
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    Good for them about time, crappy AK give all my favorate gun a bad name!