Ruger #1

Discussion in 'Single Shots and Slide Action' started by markIVbigblock, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. thumbuster

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    I own three No. 1's. I love the way they feel. The wood on all of them is beautiful. My Hornet shoots around corners. I don't know what to do about it. I'm working on different loads.

    My .357 magnum is one of my very favorite rifles and since I shoot it off of iron sights it shoots fine. My 45/70 is a real killer; at both ends.

    I'd like to have one in 270 or '06. While not all of mine shoot all that well, I just love the old fashioned action and the heft of the rifles.
  2. GrizG

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    I've got three.... 1B in .257 Roberts, 1A in .270 Winchester and a 1A in .357 Magnum (CHPs gun).

    The triggers are pretty good on all of them.

    Some day a .45-70 will likely join the group... and the .357 may leave. This as the woods have matured to the point where the ranges for whitetails are beyond what is reasonable for the .357.

    A 1B in 6 MM Remington was my "dream gun" as a kid 40+ years ago. When I came across the Roberts, which is also based on the 7X57 case, I pretty much dropped the idea of the 6 MM. Don't regret it.