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Discussion in 'Handloads' started by Zerbe, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Zerbe

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    I recently had my old RCBS tumbler eat chunks out of the bottom rim of the drum. I attempted to build it back up with liquid steel, but it just doesn't want to run to completion any more. So, my question to this group is what do you recommend for brass cleaning? Should I invest in a new drum for the old tumbler? Should I look a a vibrating one? Ultrasonic?

    I asked a family member over the weekend who told me he really likes to combine ultrasonic cleaning first with tumbling to polish them and make them shiny again....
  2. Pat T

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    Tell ya what Zerbe, I've not used one but seen the pics posted of tumblers guys are using with stainless steel media. Gorgeous looking brass, and seems to be fast. Not sure I'd go with the ultra sonic and having to fool with the liquid solution for it.