Any idea how much my Sempert Kreighoff 4 barrel is worth

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    The markings on the barrels are as follows:
    Sempert & Kreighoff Suhl / Krupp-Louf / K. Messner Munchen.
    The drilling is two side by side 16 gauges. Upper barrel 5.6 x 25 R Vierling. Lower barrel 7x57 R. The gun features the Durae Hubertus signature. The trigger guard is crafted from horn. Both sides of the receiver have elaborate engravings depicting geese, and hunting dogs. The gun is missing the original claw scope mounts, has a few light marks in the wood from use, and the butt pad was replaced. The gun was acquired my my grandfather who served a Counter Intelligence Officer during WWII. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.